my lovely day is already passed. but, i still feel the happiness on that day...
especially when i get these gifts :D

'BLACK MEOW' from my senior stylist Vitri Zada
thanks Mbak, you really know that i hate CAT very much! hahahahaha!

'LOVELY SHORT' from Annisa Oktaviani :*

'KATY PERRY LIMITED NAIL LACQUERS' from my Blink's partner in crime,
Putri Dwiandari. thank youuu Cilsss...

'ROLLING STONE RING' from Mika Accessories - Plaza Semanggi

and the last one is '50mm CANON LENS' from my bf Fikri
one of my 23rd's wishlist have come true. billion hug sayang!

btw, today is last day for you, June.
thanks for all beautiful day........
hope we can meet again, next year. amen

welcoming July......

Raisha. WP