1st surprise came from my office mates & they are very success to make me cry!
thank you very much Mbak Vitri, Mas Iko, Sekar, Rhein, Firli
and our guest star Mr. Ke' Ku : n's double security! hahahaha ♥

3rd surprise came from my BEST GIRLS & FRIENDS in the world!
 Gati, Santika, Momo, Cicik, Arin, Wina, Ayu, Gama,
Denny, Donni, Irul, Okeu, & also Compromised Ego Band for played our lovely songs :)
thank you for all surprises, wishes and gifts♥

my 2nd surprise came from my bf, Dzulfikri & Dijut (his best friend)
*no photos taken but we had time to record a mini video*
♥ you both!

BIG THANKS for all wishes my parents,family & friends
for all greetings came from my facebook, twitter and bbm
i'am so happy, alhamdulillah :)
insyaallah we will meet on my 24th birthday next year!
Allah always bless us

Raisha. WP